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Pruebas de nivel de Inglés gratuitas

Realiza ahora mismo una prueba de nivel de inglés en las modalidades A1, A2, B1 o B2 de manera totalmente gratuita y comprueba tu nivel en el idioma de Shakespeare. Todas las pruebas de nivel se componen de una parte de gramática y vocabulario y otra de comprensión lectora con un total de 35 preguntas cada uno que nos permiten evaluar el conocimiento del alumno en la materia. Una vez realizada la prueba y enviados los resultados, uno de nuestros tutores especializados la revisará para ver cual ha sido tu puntuación y te contestaremos en 24/48 horas para darte los resultados de la misma. A partir de aquí podrás elegir si estás interesad@ cualquiera de los cursos de inglés que tenemos disponibles en nuestro centro de formación en el nivel que te corresponda a tu conocimiento de la lengua. Nuestros cursos se pueden realizar de manera presencial en nuestras instalaciones de Xàtiva o bien a distancia a través e nuestra plataforma de aprendizaje On-line. En cualquiera de los casos contarás siempre con la ayuda y tutorización de nuestros expertos en idiomas para proseguir tu aprendizaje. Aprovecha ahora la oportunidad de formarte en inglés y encontrar una salida profesional a la altura de tus posibilidades. HAZ CLICK AQUÍ PARA ENTRAR A LAS PRUEBAS DE NIVEL Siguenos en Facebook Twittea esta noticia Suscribete a los comentarios de esta noticia Imprime esta noticia Añadenos a favoritos Cuentaselo a un...

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Pruebas de nivel Inglés para A1, A2, B1 y B2

Realiza de forma totalmente gratuita una prueba de inglés para comprobar tu nivel y poder matricularte en el curso que más de adecue a tus necesidades. Selecciona el nivel del que quieres evaluarte, cumplimenta los cuestionarios seleccionando la respuesta correcta y envíanos el formulario. Una vez recibamos tu prueba, la corregiremos y te enviaremos los resultados de la misma recomendándote el nivel que corresponda a tus necesidades y conocimientos. Para realizar las pruebas de nivel Inglés, busca un momento del día en el que puedas estar relajado, sin distracciones y concentrado, ya que de lo contrario los resultados podrían no ser tan exactos.         Siguenos en Facebook Twittea esta noticia Suscribete a los comentarios de esta noticia Imprime esta noticia Añadenos a favoritos Cuentaselo a un...

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Prueba de nivel Inglés B2

COMPRENSIÓN LECTORA Y VOCABULARIO 1. For questions 1-7, read the following text and then choose from the list A-J the best phrase given below it to fill the spaces. Write one letter (A-J) in each space provided. Some of the suggested answers do not fit at all. The exercise begins with an example. The naked truth BY BILL LITHGOE In the words of Plato, “when experience showed that it was better to strip than to cover the body, (0) J was overwhelmed by what logic declared to be the best". In Sparta, "the girls stripped for processions, dances and choruses at the temples, (1) ---ABCDEFGHIJ The stripping of the maidens involved no shame”. In modern Greece, things are a little different. Nudity in the wrong place can lead to a prosecution for outraging public morals, (2) ---ABCDEFGHIJ When tourist authorities tried to open the first official nudist camp in Greece, people were prevented from using it (3) ---ABCDEFGHIJ “Nudism is a fashion which serves Satan to humiliate the world, and cause scandal and the perdition of souls”, they declared. Elsewhere in Europe attitudes to nudity vary. In England, for example, nudity isn't much of an issue: this is largely a consequence of the weather. In France the authorities have endeavoured (4) ---ABCDEFGHIJ A court ruled that the sacking of a topless female clerk was justified. The judge said, “Modern trends allow women to bare their breasts on the beach but this tolerance does not extend to the workplace (5) ---ABCDEFGHIJ.” In Italy pragmatism rather than politics prevails. In Tropea the local council has decided to crack down on nude bathers, and the police intend to enforce a law (6) ---ABCDEFGHIJ The law does, however, permit certain exceptions consisting of “beautiful naked women in a position to exalt the attractiveness and femininity of their bodies.” Times may have changed, but (7) ---ABCDEFGHIJ would undoubtedly have pleased Plato. And Spain? Go to the beach and see for yourself. A by a demonstration of black-clad Orthodox priests B such an interpretation of the law C except in the case of cabaret artists D with the youths present as spectators E to make a distinction between business and pleasure F and a spell of between ten days and a fortnight behind bars G possibly young women H to take a rather dim view I forbidding most people to go naked on the beach J what the eye thought was ridiculous (EXAMPLE) 2. For questions 8-17, read the following passage and decide which of the three options A, B, or C best fits each gap. The first one has been done for you as an example. The Invisible Man One day, not long (0)...

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Prueba de nivel Inglés A2

GRAMÁTICA Y VOCABULARIO 1 - ---A) Have you goneB) Did you goC) Went you to the cinema last Friday? 2 - Both of them are good secondary schools, but this one is ---A) nearerB) more nearerC) more nearly than the other. 3 - Sheila ---A) was havingB) has hadC) has some tea when her son came back home. 4 - You’ve never been to an Italian restaurant, ---A) have youB) don’t youC) aren’t you ? 5 - You are never ---A) enough oldB) older enoughC) too old to learn. 6 - You have done your homework ---A) more badB) worstC) worse than yesterday. 7 - Your brother would have more friends if he ---A) would goB) wentC) will go out every day. 8 - The play will start ---A) at half an hourB) at half hourC) in half an hour. 9 - While my house---A) is paintB) is paintedC) paints I´ll live in Mathew’s flat. 10 - Do you give and get presents ---A) onB) inC) at Christmas Day? 11 - If Robert ---A) will beB) isC) would be busy now, we’ll come back later. 12 - My parents are very ---A) pleasingB) pleasantC) pleased with the choice I made. 13 - It’s the twins’ birthday tomorrow. What---A) will buyB) do we buyC) shall we buy them? 14 - He---A) hasn’tB) doesn’t haveC) has never got breakfast in the morning because he’s always late. 15 - I’m interested in---A) to learnB) learningC) learn foreign languages. 16 - ---A) HowB) WhatC) What a fast you drive! 17 - They don’t have enough money,---A) soB) butC) as they can’t go skiing next month. 18 - A greengrocer’s is a place ---A) whereB) whichC) that you can buy fruit and vegetables. 19 - People ---A) whatB) whoC) which work nights should be paid more. 20 - Which word has a different vowel sound? ---A) workB) thirdC) horse 21 - Which word has the same consonant sound as “the”? ---A) thanksB) thanC) thought 22 - Which word has the same stressed syllable as “doctor”? ---A) famousB) JapanC) believe 23 - Which word is pronounced the same way as “hear”? ---A) herB) hereC) hair 24 - Could you tell me where the supermarket is? - Walk ---A) as soon asB) as far asC) as quick as the station and you’ll see it. 25 - A ---A) plumberB) lawyerC) sailor is somebody who represents people with legal problems. 26 - If you hate meat, you don’t eat---A) beefB) grapesC) cabbage 27 - Which of the following are not usually worn by a man? ---A) tightsB) socksC) slippers 28 - When I got to work, I ---A) put onB) tried onC) took off my coat and...

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Prueba de nivel Inglés A1

GRAMÁTICA Y VOCABULARIO 1 - How many novels ---A) he did writeB) wrote himC) did he write? 2 - He ---A) usually drinks coffeeB) drinks coffee usuallyC) coffee usually drinks after lunch 3 - She’ll buy you a present ---A) becauseB) ifC) so you pass your exams in June. 4 - I’ll relax ---A) afterB) beforeC) while I finish all my exams in June. 5 - My father’s sister is my ---A) auntB) uncleC) nephew. 6 - When my friends call, ask ---A) theyB) theirC) them to leave a message. 7 - My brother doesn’t eat ---A) a lotB) manyC) much fish. He prefers meat. 8 - ---A) They areB) There isC) There are a lot of new people in my group. 9 - ---A) How muchB) How longC) What time have you had your dog? 10 - Mary can ---A) driveB) to driveC) drives a car. 11 - My sister is ---A) younger thanB) more young thatC) younger that my brother. 12 - Be quiet! We ---A) are listeningB) listenC) to listen to the music. 13 - You always go to work ---A) inB) onC) by bus. 14 - Martha ---A) has goneB) goesC) went out five minutes ago. 15 - ---A) Do you like to goB) Would you like to goC) Do you like going to England this spring? 16 - They go to the cinema ---A) nextB) thisC) every weekend. 17 - Nerja is ---A) onB) inC) at the coast. 18 - I have studied English ---A) duringB) sinceC) for three years. 19 - What is ---A) the most safeB) the safestC) most safe car in the market? 20 - Peter goes swimming ---A) onceB) oneC) first a week in winter. 21 - He went to the ---A) greengrocer’sB) chemist’sC) butcher’s to buy some aspirins. 22 - It’s raining a lot today. It’s very ---A) dryB) wetC) sunny 23 - I would like to make a reservation for a ---A) singleB) viewC) twice room. 24 - I plan to ---A) waitB) visitC) stay in a small hotel in Rome for a week in August. 25 - ---A) Have you everB) Never have youC) Always have you been to Paris? 26 - Which word has a different vowel sound? ---A) shutB) cutC) put 27 - Which “h” is not pronounced? ---A) handB) helloC) hour 28 - Which word has a different main stressed syllable? ---A) BrazilB) NorwayC) Egypt? COMPRENSIÓN LECTORA Dear Mike, Hope you are OK. We are having a great holiday here. We arrived in Caernarfon, Wales, four days ago and we are staying in a small hotel in the old town. Yesterday we went to see the castle, and tomorrow we are driving to Snowdonia...

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